My Testimony

I was a healthy young lady with a great future ahead. If someone would have told me four years ago that I would experience a life changing event that almost cost me my life, I would not have believed them! Well, it happened.

On September 22, 2012, I we2ccd5f33-ef05-44b7-b7c5-de9391422daant into the emergency room with a fever and excruciating abdominal pain. After several diagnostic tests, it was discovered that I had appendicitis; an enlarged, inflamed appendix on the verge of rupturing.  The inflammation was so bad that it caused the surrounding areas of my small intestines and large intestines to become inflamed and damaged as well. Doctors were not 100 percent sure what was causing the inflammation. There was speculation that it was caused by cancer or Crohn’s disease.  Nevertheless, because of the extent of the damage, surgery was required to remove the infected areas.

The surgery was considered a success! I was expected to stay in the hospital for a few days and recover within a few weeks and continue on with my life. However, I did not recover and a couple of days turned into 30 days in ICU. After the surgery, my abdomen began to swell. I felt ill and I looked like I was nine months pregnant! A CT Scan showed that I had a huge abscess in my lower abdomen, which is a collection of fluid and pus. Surgery was required to remove the abscess, so once again I was off to the operating table.

Six hours after my second surgery, I woke up to the worst excruciating abdominal pain I have ever experienced. I remember screaming, “Jesus, help, help I feel like I’m dying!”  I felt my life slipping away as I was having an outer body experience watching myself screaming in pain for help. My sister, a nurse who was at my bedside at the time recognized my symptoms and demanded my surgeon to come see me. I was told that my blood pressure was extremely low and my heart rate was very fast. I had a fever of 105 degrees, blood in my urine, my abdomen was huge and my face was turning blue! I was going into shock, quickly!

A third surgery was preformed immediately. It was revealed to me and my family that several leaks occurred in my colon, spilling bile and stool into my bloodstream poisoning me. I was in the ICU for 30 days fighting for my life. I had tubes on my body everywhere. I also had an ileostomy bag that I was required to have for 6 months.  I have never really shared that with many people because that was very hard for me to accept.

The surgeon said I was a miracle because many people have died from septic shock. I know I’m a walking miracle indeed! 4 years later, I can’t complain and I have come a long way!

I hope my testimony inspires you. Whatever you may be going through remember God is in control and He is always there for you! I was on my death-bed but God said, “No.” He gave me a second chance at life and I plan to live it to the fullest and to serve Him with my whole heart!

Each year, I celebrate September 22, and call it my “Life Day.” This is the day my life changed forever and the beginning of a new walk with God and increase faith in Him! I share my testimony whenever I can to encourage, inspire and uplift others. So I pray that this testimony encourages you. Just remember, The Only Time You Should Ever Look Back Is to See How Far You’ve Come! Every time I look back I say, “Thank you Jesus for sparing my life!”